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I lost my password. How can I recover it and reset that password?

In the upper right hand corner of any Budget Golf page there is a login button. Clicking on that button will drop down the login and password screen. There is a link that will direct you to our password recovery page which will prompt you to put into your email address. Once you click submit on that page instructions will be sent to your email on how to recover or reset your password.

Why am I unable to checkout with my Budget Golf account?

If you are seeing the following error when attempting to login:

You have failed to login successfully. This could be due to bad User Email or Password.

There are two possible reasons for this error. First, you may not be fully registered for a Budget Golf Account. You may have placed orders before and signed up for our email promotions list but that does not mean you are fully registered for an account. If you proceed through the right side of checking out without signing in, then you will have no other issues with checking out.The second reason would be that your password for the account is wrong. If thatis the case, then follow this link below that will assist you in resetting your password.

Why have I not received an confirmation invoice to my email address?

Occasionally emails can get blocked or filtered to your spam folder if the email address you are trying to receive from is not on your safe sender list. In the contacts of your email add as a safe sender and the messages will not filter to spam or be blocked. It could also be that your email address was input incorrectly on the order. Make sure that you write down your order number so that you can check the status or call us so we can fix the email address for you.

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    it does not allow me to enter my account, I have tried several times, without success, it indicates that mail does not match with password and I am completely sure that it is my password and mail