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Gift Certificates and Coupon Codes

How do I purchase a Budget Golf gift certificate?

To purchase a gift certificate from Budget Golf, all you need to do is click the gift cards tab underneath the telephone number on any page. You can purchase gift certificates in denominations from $10 to $1000 and they will only expire once they are fully used. You have the ability to send your gift certificate to an email of your choice, or send one via postal mail.

Why is my gift certificate or coupon code not working?

If your gift certificate or coupon code is not working it will be for one of the following reasons:

- Your gift certificate or coupon code may have already been used.

- You may not be entering the gift certificate/coupon in the correct spot. Make sure you are using your gift certificate under the payments option between Credit Cards and Phone Ordering, and the coupon on either the View Cart or Checkout page above Order Notes.

- The coupon code you are using may have passed its expiration date or may not exist.

*We are not affiliated with any websites, outside our own, that give out coupon codes and cannot control what they post on their site. If you did not receive your coupon code from a Budget Golf affiliated email, link, or our on direct website, we will not honor that code.

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